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Design-Build is the hottest method of building today in which both the design and construction are contracted and controlled from one source – The Jeffcoat Team.



  • Cost Savings - Save time and money on construction plans
  • Faster Delivery - Design time is cut in half which leads to an earlier move in date for clients
  • Realistic Budgets - are set to design the home to fit the budget and the budget to fit the home
  • Minimize Change Orders - Surprises are caught upfront rather than during construction
  • Singular Accountability - one entity is held accountable for quality, cost and schedule
  • ARB - We coordinate the submittal and approval process through your Architectural Review Board
  • Relationships - Allows the Jeffcoat Team and client to build a trustworthy relationship before any Construction Contract is initiated
Once the Design Agreement is signed and the initial payment made, the Design phase begins. During this phase, rough sketched floor plans and elevations are drawn and submitted to the client for approval. Our goal is to show you how the project will affect the homes functionality (the floor plans) and what it will look like (the elevations). We are constantly value engineering your design throughout the entire process to ensure the most sufficiently and economically designed home possible. Typically, multiple revisions are required before the final Design Plans are approved.

In addition to the Design Plans, we will also discuss the types of products that you have in mind for windows, doors, roofing, siding, flooring, tile, appliances, etc. and make recommendations for each.

Upon your approval of the floor plans and elevations, we will provide your ARB (Architectural Review Board) with the necessary preliminary and final plans for their review process. This phase is followed by a Preliminary Construction Agreement and Construction Schedule submitted to the client. They will include all of the project specifications and selections to date and an estimate of the project costs based upon them.

At the completion of Design, you will have copies of the drawings and specifications and are under no obligation to move forward. However, it is our goal to build for every design client.
To ensure a “Custom Home Comfortably”, we break down the Design Agreement separate from the Construction Contract document. This simple two page contract is broken down into three payments and based on a cost per heated square foot. This cost may range anywhere from $2-$5 per square foot based on the intensity of the scope of work. The first payment is due at the initial Design Agreement, followed by a second payment once you have approved floor plans and elevations and the third once we have walked your design through the ARB process and received approval. At this time you will receive the final design along with a final contract price for the construction of the designed home.